Appliance Repairs: What Homebuyers and Homeowners Need to Know

For most people, buying a home is probably the biggest investment they will ever make especially in the face of rising real estate prices. Most times, homebuyers and homeowners are more concerned about affordable mortgage payments but just as important is the condition of the appliances in the home. Appliances are important in the home and you probably will have a very stressful day without them. Appliance repairs also cost money and can over time accumulate into the biggest expense item after mortgage. To prevent this from happening there are a number of things you need to know as a homebuyer or homeowner. This important knowledge will help you in making better purchasing decisions.

Is the Seller Offering Home Warranty?

One of the basic things to know about appliance repairs as a homebuyer or homeowner is whether home warranty is offered by the seller. A home warranty provides the homeowner with replacement services or discounted repairs, however it is not a legal obligation on the part of the seller. A home warranty will save you the cost of repairs and as such reduce your first year house budget thus leaving you with a financial cushion or funds for other expenses. Confirm if the seller is offering a warranty or any other arrangement.

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It is necessary to do an in- depth inspection before purchase

Unless you are very familiar with the workings of appliances and other household systems, carrying out an in- depth inspection by yourself is near impossible. Kitchen and laundry appliances, air conditioning systems and furnaces may be working perfectly on the day of purchase but that does not mean they are in good condition. To ascertain the real condition of appliances it is cheaper in the long run to hire a professional inspector.

A professional home inspector knows what to look for in terms of the structural and functional soundness of appliances. Hiring one will save you the expense of being stuck with costly repairs or replacements of appliances, especially the heavier and costlier ones.

As part of the inspection, you must also insist on getting information about the appliances from the seller. You must access information about the repair history, maintenance logs and age of each appliance. This gives you a rough idea about possible wear and tear and what appliance repair costs may be in the nearest future.

Adequate maintenance will save you a lot of money

Even if the appliances in your home are covered by a home warranty, adequate maintenance will still ensure that they last longer. Most people lack a maintenance schedule for their appliances and do not generally care about them until they break down. Always read the manual for each appliance and take note of the instructions about the conditions that allow for their optimum performance.

For example, separate disposal of jewelries, hard objects and silverware will reduce the chances of your garbage disposer. Also, the chances of your microwave oven breaking down is reduced if you ensure that metal items and silverware are not left in it after it had been turned on.

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Contracting a highly rated appliance repair service is economical

Sometimes, it will be necessary to repair your appliances even if you have done your best in terms of maintenance. Appliances are made of materials subjected to wear and tear with use over time. If you bought a house without a home warranty, you will have to contract the services of an appliance repair firm. Reputable appliance repair companies may be pricey initially but you get to save a lot of money in the long run because companies like this are more reliable and competent in handling appliances.

Appliance repair services often offer a one year warranty on labor and replacement parts. With this, you are rest assured that the repair is top- notch and you will not be having another repair expense in the nearest future. Before contracting an appliance repair service, look for recommendations and reviews online. You should also ensure that the repair service company is insured and have repairmen that are properly trained and have a wide range of experiences.

Keep good and up-to-date appliance maintenance records

Having proper and updated maintenance records for each appliance will also save you money and is important especially for the homeowner. Keeping records will help you in making estimates of use and when it is likely to service or repair appliances. This also helps in preventing unexpected breakdowns of appliances especially when you need them most.

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