8 Simple Home Improvement Tips

Home improvement projects are commonly seen as huge undertakings that require a great amount of time, money and resources.

This doesn’t always have to be the case–sometimes all that’s required are just a few little changes to transform your property into a domestic haven.

To get you inspired and for more ideas visit HappyHomeReports.Com, below are eight super simple home improvement tips.

Handles and knobs

Home improvement doesn’t get much more quick, easy and effective than updating your door handles and knobs. Go for something quirky and bold and you’ll bring new life to your otherwise bare doors and cupboards, whilst providing some unity and consistency to your home.
Handles and knob

Under-counter storage

If you’re pushed for space in the kitchen, under-counter and swing-out corner storage items are your best friends, as they allow to you to maximise your cupboard space. For a more concrete idea of the storage solutions available, head to a home furniture store such as Wayfair.


Houseplants not only look greatbut they also help purify the air and help reduce stress, making them a perfect edition for any household. A good idea is to place a plant on your windowsill, as this creates a fabulous focal point both in and outside your home.

The fifth wall

Painting is the go-to action for most when it comes to home improvement, but many forget about that all important fifth wall – the ceiling. A nicely painted ceiling can add just as much character and vibrancy to a room as any other wall, so don’t neglect it. If you’ve never painted a ceiling before, this guide from how to site wikiHow will help.


Few things in life are better than buying new furniture, but it can be very expensive– especially if you’re looking to revamp your entire house. A more cost-effective option is to rearrange your existing furniture,sochanging room layouts can completely revitalise your home and make it feel brand new.

Hack your furniture

If rearranging your furniture doesn’t quite cut it for you, consider upgrading your existing pieces. There are many ways to do this, including painting, re-upholstering and decorating with throws and other soft furnishings.


Mirrors can help brighten even the most dull and dreary spaces. They can also create the illusion of a larger room and they naturally attract people’s attention, making them a great option for a room focal point.


Shelving is a great way to save space and decorate those bare walls. You can use it to display your most treasured items such as photos and ornaments.Just ensure you use a sturdy fitting system such as a superclamp tohold up your shelves. You can buy these specialist installation products from engineering firms such as Ormiston Wire.
A home improvement project doesn’t have to be mighty challenging–some small creative tweaksin the right places can have a considerableimpact on the aesthetic of your home.

That’s our list! Share your favourite home improvement tips in the comments section.

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