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8 Signs Your Roof Is Affected By Asbestos

Asbestos exposure poses a serious threat to your life, and its presence leads to various forms of diseases. Similarly, it is important to know the signs of asbestos-affected roofs. Although asbestos is not clearly visible, its lingering effect does impact your health Fibres of asbestos (when disturbed) may spread throughout the premises, leading to a possible risk of lung diseases. Asbestos in the roof can be detected through various signs, and you can also conduct an asbestos inspection on a safer note. 

Upon detecting the sign of asbestos, you shouldn’t remove it yourself. DIY asbestos removal can prove to be dangerous for everyone inside and surrounding your premises. It’s recommended to seek assistance from an experienced asbestos removal company to remove and dispose of asbestos safely. Similarly, you may be conscious while opting for asbestos roofing at the time of construction. If you have chosen, ensure to get it properly covered, and sealed with sealants and other materials. Keep reading till the end to know the common signs that asbestos may be present on your house roof. 

Common Signs Your Roof Is Affected By Asbestos

  • The home is too old 

Most countries have already banned the use of asbestos in construction because of its dangerous effects on health. If your house was constructed before the 90s, it may have asbestos and infused materials. You should get your house inspected if it is 50 years old or more. A normal lifespan of a house or a building is about 50 years. It increases the chance of roofs getting affected by asbestos in such houses. 

  • Cement sheets on the roof

The cement sheets are used for ceiling panelling, internal walls, external walls, and residential buildings. The durability of sheets compels builders and owners to install cement sheets. Cement sheets are durable because asbestos and damaged cement sheets over time pose danger and threats to your health. 

  • Corrugated bitumen roof sheet

The roof of your house is exposed to extreme conditions and climatic variations. Cemented roofs infused with asbestos can be easily damaged because of external elements. Damaged roof results in the spread of asbestos in your house. It enters your body through your nose, mouth, eyes, or ears and spreads diseases. Many people are affected by asthma, lung cancer, and many other diseases. 

  • Detect white or grey residue

The major sign of asbestos-affected roof is white or grey-coloured residues over the shingles and sheet. You can contact the professional for its removal as you cannot control it once spread in the open air. It is harmful and dangerous to inhale asbestos-containing air. Asbestos roof removal may be expensive but you can contact the professionals offering affordable rates with complimentary services for their customers. You should contact professionals as they have all the tools and perfect techniques to remove asbestos.

Signs Your Roof

  • Broken insulation pipes 

Insulation, drainage, or hot water pipes need constant attention. Broken insulation pipes may create a lot of chaos in your house comfort and even impact the functioning of appliances. Check that asbestos is not used in it. If there is asbestos, you are at greater risk in your house. Remove cemented water pipes and replace them with the best suitable material. Fibreglass insulation is also the best material option for you to prefer as insulation pipes.

  • Cement water tanks 

The cement water tank is also a medium to asbestos exposure. Many people tend to have cement tanks to keep the water at a particular temperature on hot summer days. It poses a threat to lives and if the house is too old, it is possible, the water tank is also old. The cement may contain 5 – 10% of asbestos, which can harm your health. You can prefer some other material for water tanks and keep a perfect check over it. 

  • Cracked asbestos sheeting

The cracked sheet indicates that your roof is severely affected by asbestos. The asbestos fibres are respirable and released into the air on disturbance and cause respiratory diseases. A lower amount of fibre gets inhaled without showing any symptoms of the disease. You can identify through cracks in sheeting that the cement gets damaged and develops asbestos that needs instant repairs. Asbestos roof repairs can be performed through sealants, ceiling and other spraying materials. 

  • Lumpy roof

You may detect asbestos-affected roofs through lumpy roof signs. It needs instant repairs and replacement with perfect solutions. You can contact professional repairers for the best roofing solution. 

Asbestos roof repair and replacement

If you prefer asbestos roof repair, there are more chances of its occurrence again. It is best to prefer replacing the asbestos roof to get a long-term solution. You did not have to prefer asbestos inspection at least for some years. Prefer asbestos removal from a certified and registered asbestos removal company. They can provide professional asbestos removal, repair, and disposal from the affected area.

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