7 Tips About How to Organize a Small Living Room

This article will share with you seven tips to organize a small living place in the best possible way and make it practical, comfortable and visually larger.

The ideas and tips below are frequently proposed by professional home designers all over the world, so you can safely use them in your own home space for your home renovation project.

1. Keep it bright

Just like many interior designers suggest, when it comes to small rooms, the light and bright colors are very important because they make every room visually bigger. This is why you should stick to light colors when decorating your walls and choosing your furniture.

Try using white, pale and neutral colors to increase the brightness of your living space and thus make your living area look more expansive.

You can also use pastel wallpaper to brighten the room and add more depth to it, thus making it appear larger.

Try to put as many windows as possible in your living area for natural light to come in and avoid blocking the windows with heavy and dark fabric. Instead use light and soft material for your curtains and drapes.

2. Use small furniture

A small room requires small furniture, so avoid big sofas and bulky armchairs, but instead use loveseats, divans, chairs and other pieces of leggy furniture because these will make your room appear larger. You may not even use a sofa if your room is very tight, but you can in turn use a few armchairs or stools.

If you still prefer bulky leggy chairs, you can use them in your small room but make sure they are of light color because they appear lighter in weight than the darker pieces of upholstered furniture.

If you wish to make your living room luxurious, you can freely use antique furniture as old furniture used to be quite small because the rooms were smaller in the past.

3. Use multifunctional furniture

If your living room is small, multifunctional furniture will be ideal for it. This is why you should consider using ottomans as coffee tables or as extra seating. Furthermore, you can use storage ottoman coffee tables that will provide additional storage in your living room.

You can also use a narrow bench as a coffee table as these to do not take up much space, but they will provide a modern look to your living room, especially if painted in vibrant colors, like the one on the image below.
Another perfect option for your living room is nesting tables with little stools that will save you space. They come in all shapes and sizes (see image below), so you can choose those that suit best the other pieces of furniture in your living room.


4. Add window seat

You can convert your living-room window niche into a window seat and thus provide extra sitting space, as well as give a modern look to your room. You can use the place beneath the window seat for storage, too, so you will have yet another benefit in your living space.

5. Use mirrors

If you do not have many windows in your living room, add mirrors to provide more light and greater depth. The best position for a mirror is opposite a window because the mirror will reflect the outside view and therefore act like an additional window. You can see how this looks on the image below.


6. Use plants

Just like mirrors, plants, too, give additional depth to a small room. The best place for plants is in corners and behind sofas, armchairs or chairs because the green color reduces the sharpness of the corners and makes you think that the room is larger than it actually is.

7. Use floor-to-ceiling cabinets

Use floor-to-ceiling cabinets in your living room for more storage. You can combine cabinets with open cubbies and hidden storage compartments for a lighter feeling in your room.

You can also install a floor-to-ceiling bookcase to keep all your books in one place and perhaps even use it as a wall that separates the living area from the other areas in your small house, such as the adjacent kitchen and dining area or even the sleeping space.

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