7 Tactics to Save Space in a Small Kitchen

Small kitchens can be a big inconvenience for many homeowners, but that’s because some homeowners lack creativity when it comes to making use of what space is available. If you believe you fall into that stereotype, you can learn to change the way you think by changing the way you use your own kitchen. For example, did you know that you can take the smallest kitchen and turn it into the most functional kitchen with a few simple storage hacks? Here are a few storage ideas to help you change your mindset about your small kitchen space.

Reach for the Top

Reach for the Top

Are you someone who sees all the space above your fridge and upper cabinets as nothing more than dead space? It’s an easy misconception to assume this space is useless, but you can make it work for you without adding clutter to your kitchen. Start by using this space as additional storage. Do you have beautiful dishes you only use on occasion? Try putting those on top of cabinets in a decorative manner with your vases and carafes. You’ll need to use a ladder to get them down when you need them, but that’s why it’s easier to use this space to store kitchen items you don’t use often. Furthermore, the “good” china is more decorative than the everyday dishes you use, so you might just find yourself enjoying the added décor.

Exchange Chairs for Stools

Small kitchens don’t leave much room for seating, especially if you have an eat-in kitchen. Chairs with tall backs make your space look smaller and more crowded, and there is a simple solution to your problem. Bid farewell to your high-back chairs and replace them with stools or benches. These are easily pushed all the way under the table to make sure your space appears larger, less crowded, and less cluttered.

Add Creative Storage

Add Creative Storage
Creative storage is trendy right now. Creative storage includes solutions such as coffee mug hooks right on the wall that allow you to save more space in the cabinet. You can do the same thing with your wine glasses but adding storage to the wall. A magnetized storage solution on the wall allows you to store your knives on the wall in a decorative manner, and this can save you more space on the counter. It’s on-trend and fun, too.

Install Additional Shelves Inside Cabinets

Some homeowners prefer to get creative with storage solutions that are less visible, and Kitchen Renovations Urban homeowners love the most include installing additional shelves inside cabinets. There’s a lot of wasted space inside cabinets that only have one or two shelves, and it’s easy to re-work that problem by adding shelving for more storage space. That cabinet that once housed just your water glasses now has space for coffee mugs and wine glasses, too.

Hide Your Appliances

There is no written rule anywhere stating you must keep your kitchen appliances on the countertop all the time. You don’t need to do this, even if you do use them all the time. You can put your toaster, toaster oven, and your can opener in the pantry or hall closet. Use them when you need them, but don’t let them take up all your counter space. Your flour and sugar containers don’t need to go on the counters, either. They are easily stored directly inside your pantry or a nearby closet or even in the cabinets. A rolling island is something you can use when you need it, and it’s something you can move into a new room when you don’t. It’s great for additional storage and counter space. For example, if you only use our large mixer once or twice a year, ask yourself if it’s worth storing such a bulky item when you can easily mix what you’re making with a wooden spoon. It’s as easy as that to downsize what you keep in your kitchen.

Downsize Your Items

Downsize Your Items
Do you have a large coffee pot, but you only drink a cup a day? Why not get rid of your big coffee pot for a smaller one that makes a small cup of coffee instead of a large carafe? You can downsize your appliances. From your toaster to your microwave, it’s entirely possible to find smaller options that take up less space. This automatically makes your kitchen appear larger, brighter, and more functional. They can be more easily stored in closets, pantries, or even cabinets when use choose the smallest version of an appliance. Additionally, it’s helpful to ask yourself if you really need so many appliances. Do you use the blender? When was the last time you used the mixer? If you don’t know, perhaps it’s time to downsize your ownership of appliances, too.

Create Functional Stations

You don’t have to keep all your appliances and kitchen items in the kitchen. The housing market is full of trendy off-site stations that work for you and your guests. You can put a bar in the living area in which you keep your cocktail glasses and beverages. You can buy a small table and create a coffee station in the dining room that you use every morning. You get to have fun with stations like these, and they’re just as functional as they are fun. Don’t think that you are required to keep your kitchen appliances only in the kitchen. You have options, and they are good ones when you take the time to figure out what you like the most.

In addition to making all your available space work for you in a small kitchen, there are a few tips that help you make the space look larger. Don’t cover your window. Leave the room as light and bright as possible. Paint your cabinets white to allow more light in the space. This helps it look larger. Add a light backsplash to the walls to make the room appear more elegant as well as larger. Keep the counters free of clutter, and you will have more space in an instant.

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