7 Advantages of Bundling Your Gas & Electricity

Two of your most important bills are your gas and electric bill. For the most part, they require the most attention and management as they take are often the most used monthly expenses. Because of the monthly fluctuation of these two bills, handling payments can become more of a hassle than a necessary expense. Especially in a place like an expensive location such as Alberta Canada, these two bills can add up to higher than normal levels.

However, one solution that can solve this problem is bundling them together. Overall, this method of payment offers more benefits if the payer is responsible to review any hidden costs that a bundling package will have. Apart from this, it is an easier alternative than having to pay two separate bills that are never the same amount when you pay them. With this in mind, let’s go over a few of the advantages that you get when you bundle gas and electricity.

#1: A Centralized Bill

A Centralized Bill

As mentioned before, one of the troubles that come with having to pay these bills separately is having to deal with to separate sources. In other words, one bill might be situated in a different schedule and location that another bill. This can make communication and payment very difficult. Well, if you have the opportunity to bundle them, this method immediately eliminates this issue. Instead of dealing with two different bills, payments can be taken care of through one centralized source.

#2: Promotional and Rate Benefits

One of the ways billing companies like to offer bundling packages is by listing out the promotional and rate benefits that come with bundling these bills. For example, if you choose to bundle these bills at a contract length of one year, you might be eligible to receive a rate discount for that full year. Although these benefits might seem insignificant when singles out, they at up to deliver a good chunk of savings at the end of the year.

#3: Extra Money-Saving Perks

Apart from promotional and rate benefits, some bundle packages come with additional money-saving perks. In most cases, these perks come in the form of gift cards or useful tools that can be added on top of other promotions. However, be mindful of the fact that these perks can sometimes come at a hidden cost at the end of a contract. That said, when added in with the entire savings of a bundle, they usually end up being more than worth their price.

#4: Hassle-Free Communication

Hassle-Free Communication
One of the most useful benefits of bundling your gas and electricity is the fact that you get hassle-free communication. Remember, having to deal with two different bills requires dealing with two separate billing companies. When you bundle, whatever source your bundle is coming from is the source you can go to for questions and answers. It makes it easier in case there are ever misunderstandings or confusion on either side.

#5: Time Saving Benefits

One disadvantage of having two separate bills that were not mentioned is the fact that it wastes valuable time. On any given occasion, having to pay two separate bills can come an expense of an hour or two. Especially during high volume days like most weekdays. With a bundled bill, there is no need to call or email different sources. Any activity such as a payment, phone call, or email can be directed towards a single route. This saves a lot of time which, in turn, saves money.

#6: Automatic Annual Renuals

If you are the type of person that likes to leave your bill on autopay as to not worry about it, most bundling bills have an even more unique way of doing this. Apart from offering autopay services, most bundling packages also come with auto renewal services. This means that you are able to keep the same bundle after each contract if you are able to come to terms and agreements beforehand.

#7: Multiple Bundle Options

Multiple Bundle Options
Last but not least, another great advantage of looking into bundling your gas and electricity are the many options that you have to do so. Most companies realize that not all financial situations are the same. The same goes for living arrangements. Because of this, companies offer a plethora of bundle packages to choose from that will best fit your financial and living arrangements.

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