6 Steps to Decorate Your Living Room

Your living room or drawing room is the most used space of your home. Living room is the place where you entertain your guests, host parties, watch TV with family members, relax on weekends, and undertake all other activities. Therefore, it is important to decorate your living space to make it inviting. Every aspect matters from patterned wallpaper to designer pillows and rugs. Living rooms are gathering spaces for your family and friends so decorate it in a style that reflects your style and make the space more comfortable.

Try our easy 6 steps of bespoke interior design services to decorate your living room and make it an inviting place-

Know your Measurements – 

The very first step of designing or planning any room or home is to always measure. You should never skip measuring your space, whether you have your design and other things ready or not. Always get proper measurements for your furniture, rugs, furnishings and curtains. Before knowing exact measurements, you will just end up with disappointment of purchasing imperfect furniture and waste of money. Always have proper measurements handy with you while shopping. No one wants to create hassle by making wrong purchases and cribbing later on. Therefore, it is advisable to always have proper measurements of your space and furniture which you want to place.

Prepare a Layout – 

Next step is to prepare a layout or floor plan sketch of your room. You don’t have to be an architect or interior designer to make a perfect design. Just draw a simple layout of your room to just have an idea about the placement of your furniture. Accordingly, you can make your purchase decision and position your furniture.  It will help you in planning your living room keeping space in mind. It will be an image of what your living room will look like. It is important to understand that how you will use your space before you start executing your design.

Establish your Style – 

Deciding on how you want your living room look is important to further execute the design. Choosing a style for your living room will help you in making your shopping list and type of furniture you need. From color to furnishing details, everything depends on the style you wish to create for your living room. Whether you want to make it modern, vintage, warm, bright, formal, nude, or relaxed. For example, if you have frequent get togethers with your family or friends or have regularly visiting guests, a warm living room with soothing shades, ottomans paired with accent chairs will create more inviting place and promote conversations.

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Pick Right Furniture and Furnishings – 

Picking the right furniture and furnishings can be tricky if you don’t have any idea about what to buy and where to place in your living room. Start with sofa, sofa is no doubt, the largest piece of furniture in your living room and you place other things accordingly. You must pay attention while buying a sofa in terms of size, color, fabric, weight, etc. This can be done when you have ready sketch of your living room along with the measurements. Additionally, choose furnishings matching with your style. Go for velvet throw pillow, cover your table surface with bright pots and planters, add some bold patterns either, though wallpaper or fabric sofa, etc. Make your living room more cheerful by adding bright colored rugs and curtains. Alternatively, you can go for furnishing packages, they will meet all requirements and provide you with the best.

Decorate Your Wall – 

Get creative with art and decorative objects while showing your style in creative ways. To make the living room feel softer, display art on the walls. Complete decorating your living room with wall art and accessories. Complete the look by adding art pieces along with statement mirror or other decorative things to match your space. Create a gallery wall with a mix of art pieces or go for one large piece of art and create a focal point with it in your living room. Use a variety of frames from vintage to modern to match up with your space. Don’t rush at once by filling all walls, plan your arrangement and play with different combinations and then visualize them before hanging them finally. Don’t forget to leave space between frames.

Consider Lighting – 

Don’t forget about having perfect lighting in your living room. The lighting makes it easy to enhance your home décor. It can add a lot of charm when done right. Having perfect lighting, at right place is the best way of making living room feels warm. Wall scones can be a great source of accent lighting. Spotlights can do wonders when there is a need to highlight any particular area. Incorporate decorative lights along with art pieces or mirrors or frames. Placing lamps on tables or placing a floor lamp in any corner is an easy way to add lighting in living room. 

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