6 Interesting Facts About Banksy

He is one of the most mysterious and talented artists of today. Each of his works is imbued with a problem, social theme, essence. It is not just art. It is life.

There is much controversy surrounding his biography and real name. According to the most common versions, his real name is Robert or Robin Banks. However, it is not known for sure. Just guesses.

The works of this talented master of the brush began to appear on the walls of London, in various areas that are not connected to each other by anything. People began to take an interest in them, moreover they do not treat the artworks as vandalism, since the essence and the form in which they were performed were simply mesmerizing. It was something new. Something extremely unique.

These works can be found not only on the streets, modern interior designers consider Banksy’s art extremely relevant and stylish for decorating your home. Living room, office or bedroom – it doesn’t matter where to hang it, any of his work has a deep meaning, tells its own story.

One of Banksy’s most famous works is Balloon Girl. Banksy used a version of this image in 2014 during a campaign in support of Syrian refugees. Agree, she is absolutely perfect.

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Speaking of extremes, what about Banksy’s most expensive painting? The most expensive of the works at the moment is the sold-out painting – Devolved Parliament, it was purchased for 12 million dollars in 2019.

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In general, you will not see these items on store shelves, but rather at auctions. However, we are talking only about the originals.

By the way, you can find and buy more of the Banksy wall art prints here.

Banksy keeps many secrets, but much is known about him. He is the secret artist who knows how to balance and dose information, and his individuality and personality are respected, so everything happens this way and not otherwise. And while much is known, let’s take a look at facts you probably didn’t know!

A worldwide star

If you show a picture of Banksy and ask a child or an adult, from China or Brazil, it doesn’t matter who or from where they are, what artist made it, you will definitely hear the right answer. In many distinguishable museums and galleries around the world, throughout the Internet, everyone knows who the author is.

On the same page with Barack Obama

And while Banksy does not acknowledge his identity, despite his anonymity, it does not prevent him from being on the same list of the world’s 100 most influential people (by the version of Times Magazine 2010), along with Apple technology founder Steve Jobs and former US president Barack Obama.

Not only an artist, but also a writer

A talented person is talented in everything – a proverb says. And this is an incredible truth. Especially about Banksy. He wrote the book “Wall and Piece” in 2005, in which he illustrates his street works and comments on them, complements his thoughts and reflections on them.

Creative people support each other

English comic book creator, animator, designer, illustrator and director, best known as Tank Girl comic book creator and co-author of the virtual group Gorillaz, Jamie Hewlett and Banksy decided to start a printing company called “Pictures on Walls” so that every average citizen could hang in yourself at home a copy of famous paintings by Banksy or others, and get inspired by them.

A well-known philanthropist

Given his many incomes, he does not forget the needs of other disadvantaged people who are not as lucky in life as he is. He opens up new opportunities for those who really need it. The famous artist also makes many donations to blind people who, ironically, cannot see his works, but can feel their full meaning through Banksy’s good deeds.

A successful producer as well

Banksy was nominated for Academy Award for Best Documentary for his debut feature film, “Exit Through the Gift Shop” in 2011.

That’s the Banksy we know. Or do we? We’ll see.

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