6 Decluttering Hacks You Need To Know

We know that decluttering can be such a tedious job. You will be glad to know we have written down some of our favourite hacks to use when you are decluttering. 

Avoid Dumping Smaller Items Onto Tables

It is so easy just to dump your keys, wallets, letters, leaflets, etc on the table beside your front door. It has been said that when items are just left in random places all over the house it is because they do not have a set place to go. Create places to put these items away e.g., have hooks beside your front door for your keys. Invest in a letter rack. There are hundreds of storage ideas you can take up to avoid cluttering up your side tables and drawers. Ensure every item has a home. 

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Rent A Storage Unit

Decluttering can be difficult; it may not be easy to get rid of things permanently so why not rent a storage unit? At Storage Manchester, we will help you find a storage unit size suitable for you and your needs. We can guarantee you the cheapest prices in Manchester. If you choose to store with us, you will receive 50% off your first 10 weeks. Get in contact with us today so you can take advantage of this brilliant offer. 

Buy Furniture With Storage

For example, if you are buying a new bed why not think about purchasing one with extra storage space underneath? Here you can store your spare bedding, shoes, pyjamas, clothes, make-up, whatever you want. This is one of our favourite decluttering hacks that people often forget about. Having the extra storage space allows you to put your clutter here rather than spreading it around the house making it look untidy. 

Focus On One Room At A Time

Always do this when you are decluttering, it will save time and you will not feel overwhelmed. Once you complete a room then you are free to move on to the next without worrying about having to come back to the previous room. You will not regret taking one room at a time. 

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Donate Or Sell Items You No Longer Need

If you have items that are too good to throw away, donate them or sell them, whatever you prefer. Rather than throwing these items away, it is better to give them to someone who will use them rather than being wasteful. A lot more people buy things from second-hand/ charity shops now in more effort to be less wasteful to help both the environment and those in need. 

When Decluttering, Use A Timer

Getting started is the hardest thing but sometimes when you start it is hard to stop. If you find it hard to get motivated, set a timer for 5/10 minutes at a time and work in these time blocks. Once the timer is complete if you feel motivated to carry on then do so however if you want to take a break then it is important to do this too! 

There you have it, 6 decluttering hacks just for you! We hope you found this post incredibly helpful you and it helps you with all your decluttering needs. 

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