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5 Ways to Get Wrinkles Out of House Curtains

Ready-made curtains usually arrive when they’re badly wrinkled because they come in tight packaging. Unfortunately, those creases can stay even after hanging your new curtains. If you’re wondering how to remove those creases, here are ways to get wrinkles out of house curtains.

Curtains can develop creases if they’ve been folded for a while. If you want to bring out the beauty of your curtains, here are some simple ideas you can try.

Use a Steam Cleaner


You can get rid of wrinkles using a handheld steamer. Just follow the directions for using your particular steamer and then apply the head attachment to your curtains. Next, move the steamer head across your curtains.

Depending on how deeply the wrinkles are or the type of window curtains you have, this can take a few passes. However, your curtains will be smooth in no time.

Steam Using Your Shower

You can also steam your curtains using your shower curtain rod. Follow these steps:

  1. Take the curtains to your restroom and hang them over the curtain rod
  2. Ensure your shower head is pointing away from the curtains before turning on the hot water
  3. Leave your bathroom and close the door
  4. Let your shower run for about 15 minutes to build up steam

The steam loosens curtains fibers, allowing the fabric to relax the wrinkles.

Remove Wrinkles with Your Iron

If your iron has a steam setting, you can use it to remove wrinkles. Fill it with water and then turn on its steaming settings. Once the iron has warmed up, hold it around 6 inches from your hanging curtains.

Next, move the iron up and down the curtain length like you’d the attachment on a steamer. Don’t allow the iron to hover over one spot for a long time to avoid burning the curtains.

Use Weights and a Butter Knife

If you have small pie weights, attach them to your hanging curtains. An ordinary butter knife can also do the trick if your curtain’s bottom has a pocket hem. Also, get a spray bottle and fill it with water. Mist your curtains lightly to avoid soaking the fabric.

Slide the butter knife into the pocket hem once the curtains are damp. Space them evenly and not just parts, so you weigh down the entire curtain. The weight will pull the curtains smooth after a few days. If you don’t have a butter knife, use letter openers.

Wash and Dry the Curtains

Washing and drying your curtains is another way to remove those stubborn wrinkles. Follow the directions on your curtain’s tag so that you don’t destroy the fabric. This removes the wrinkles as it allows the material to relax. You can also do the following to eliminate wrinkles in the dryer.

  1. Put your curtains in the dryer. Do not overfill it because your curtains need space to move
  2. Get a clean towel and wet it. It shouldn’t drip water.
  3. Place the wet towel into the dryer together with the curtains. Consider removing a panel out if the dyer drum is a bit tight after putting in the towel.
  4. Turn the dryer dry low and let it run. The dryer heat combined with the wet towel will create a steamy environment. In turn, this will relax the fibers and cause the creases to fall out.

If your curtains are dry clean only, do not place them in your dryer. Instead, look for cleaners to handle it. However, if they meet certain requirements, you can still clean them at home.



Removing stubborn wrinkles is easy if you have the correct tools. You can remove them using a steam cleaner or some water and an iron. Follow the above tips and you’ll have smooth curtains once more.

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