5 Simple Home Makeover Tips To Do This 2020

We could not deny our homes being the extension of ourselves, and the way our homes are designed and decorated can affect our daily habits. Whether working, staying at the kitchen cooking, or probably just lying in the bed and reading a favorite book on the weekends, the overall ambiance we see in our homes can determine the hype and interest we have in doing things and if we’d like having more time at home. Availing painting services like Surrey House Painting can be step one of the many possible steps to bring that excitement back to the four corners of your home.

2020 is already here, a new decade and the most perfect time to make some home improvement and update everything around. Don’t know where to start? Then you are at the right place! Here are 5 Simple Home Makeover Tips you can do to make an impact and make the most out of your living space!

Bring Back The Vintage Accents

Traditional detailing and vintage accents would certainly bring you back probably to the 1950s. By incorporating such design as well as vintage furniture and paintwork to your house, it would give a different vibe to you and your visitors. It is not necessary though that all of the furniture and fixtures at home are all vintage, you may incorporate one or two statement pieces to give it a start. It could either be your lamps, chairs at the dining room, the teapots, or anything else.
Bring Back The Vintage Accents

Experiment With The Color Of The Year

The Pantone color of the year is Surrey House Painting. Using this color as wall paint is perfect as it gives a statement and is of sophisticated color which can be very versatile. With this color, it can blend perfectly with almost any accent or motif it can be with.

You can always choose a different color aside from the Pantone color of the year! Surrey House Painting can provide you with the best colors that you want for your home with the best service they can provide.

Use Multifunctional or Multipurpose Furniture to Save You Space

Having multifunctional or multipurpose furniture is useful for smaller homes with lesser space like opting to have multifunctional beds with drawers beneath. They can serve as storage for your pillows, extra bed sheets, and a lot more.

Floating shelves instead of bulky and heavy cabinets can be a great way to place frequently used items, without consuming space in your area. As minimalism is also a thing recently, having only the necessary things can give you more space to breathe.

Go Green And Add Plants

There are a lot of plants you can use for your home. Its primary benefits are regulating oxygen and healthy air into your space. In most modern homes, plants can be seen hanging or placed in pots near windows or where air naturally flows.
Go Green And Add Plants
Obviously, plants also give you an earthy, lively, and healthy house look. Plants can also help you breathe better, they can filter bad air from entering your home, reduce outside noise, and probably can swing left and right when you dance in your living room all alone.

Paint Paint Paint!

If you have finally figured out that painting or repainting some parts of your home can satisfy all your home improvement efforts, then you shouldn’t think twice! Painting has never been so fun if you have been thinking about it for quite a while. It’s true that it can be fun, but it is best to contact professional painters who can do the work for you, can finish the work for you, and those who can offer the best service of improving your home design.

At Level 5 Painting, Surrey House Painting believes that quality comes first over everything else. The term “Level 5” is associated with construction building code standards that ensure all painted surfaces are thoroughly sanded, repaired and completed in a superior manner. It is the highest level on a 5 point scale, indicating that their application of paint and drywall is done at top industry standards.

Additionally, Level 5 Painting strives itself on premium customer service that is built on a foundation of trust and expertise. Combining excellent communication and quality craftsmanship, you can depend on Level 5 Painting for providing painting services that exceed your expectations and deliver phenomenal results every time.

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