5 Pests a Pest Inspection Can Help to Uncover

You might be surprised to know just how many pests a pest inspectorcan uncover when they start having a thorough look into the condition of your home. Some pests you might have been putting up with for months, even years, without realising that it’s possible to get rid of them for good. This article will detail five common pests that can be uncovered when you arrangeregular pest inspections for your home.

1. Termites


Termites especially love damp wood as their food source, and this can cause them to travel into the house in search of a feed. They gnaw away at the wooden structures in your house, causing danger and instability. If you suspect you have termites, pest inspections are vital to see if you’re correct. Sometimes you can see evidence of termites near the foundations of your home, in the form of mud tunnels. Other times, termites are not so easy to spot, and you will need pest inspections to clearly determine if termite control measures are necessary.

2. Flies

Over the summer months, flies can appear more frequently than at other times of the year. They land on a variety of things both outdoors and indoors, which means they can spread germs and disease quite easily. If you have a fly infestation, you should first ensure you have adequate fly screen protection in your home on doors and windows. Once that is done, pest inspections should be arranged to see if there is an infestation of flies in your home. If there is, a solution for fly control can be provided.

3. Ants

Ants can be attracted into a house if you’ve left food out overnight, or if you have fruit or pot plants on your window ledge. They can be seen making a bee line for your beloved plants or left out food, usually in a single file. It’s necessary to stop an ant trail as soon as possible, as ants will return to the nest with the news of a food source, and even more ants will come into your home. It’s best to arrange a pest inspectionas soon as you see the first sign of ants in your home.

4. Rodents

Some people are quite frightened of rodents, but that’s not the only reason to eradicate them out of the house. They can also spread germs and create a disgusting smell in the home. If you can smell a musty odour, or if you’ve seen a rodent in your home, then you’re going to want to arrangea pest inspection to identify their presence and get rid of them for good.

5. Cockroaches

There are few things more alarming, than opening a kitchen cupboard to find a cockroach right in front of your face. Some people might scream, while others might call a pest control company as soon as possible. One cockroach might be an isolated incidence, but if you keep encountering them around the house, you know you have an infestation that requires pest inspections to find out where they’re coming from.

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