5 Garden Storage Ideas for Your Home

Keeping your garden in good condition and well-maintained will require your time and effort. Many homeowners leave gardening tools and other accessories outside were often they are left and forgotten about. Having garden storage is a vital decision you will never regret. 

A garden shed or storage comes in handy and will keep your gardening tools organised. Such a decision will guarantee quicker access to the needed tools, seeds, soils or fertilizers. This storage will also uplift the look of your garden and reduce clutter. Most importantly, there is no better way to free up space in your garden and increase the value of your property than investing in garden storage. 

To tidy away garden clutter and utilize the available space, you need to come up with impeccable garden storage ideas other than just a shed. With our ideas, you will find it less daunting to organise your outdoor space. Garden stylish solutions vary and you should settle for the most distinctive and practical ideas. 

Top Ideas for Your Garage Storage- What to Know 

1. Stylish Garden Shelving

Garden Storage3

You shouldn’t hide everything away in your garden. Some backyard accessories and items create a better visual feel in a sheltered section. Introduce stylish shelving that will help keep everything off the garden or floor. 

You can use the ample spare vertical space inside and outside the shelf. For instance, use old or rustic wooden boxes and place them on top of each other. Such an idea will help create an incredible cubby for any item you wish to store. Store in this space things like trugs, garden watering cans, or flower vases. 

2. Wooden Log Storage

Many homeowners use wooden logs for various purposes. For instance, wood is a great choice for grilling and smoking. Unfortunately, you will come across logs in a heap and chaotically thrown in the garden. 

If you are wondering, how to store wood outside suitably, stress no more. Build a store or rack where you can keep them away from harsh weather conditions. Ensure the rack comes with a sloping roof and raised floor to shield the wood logs from outside elements. 

Wooden logs cut into short length will look good in the store. They will as well add an attractive feature to your garden of properly arranged. You can divide the store into different sections to make it easy to stack and access the wooden logs. Don’t forget to open sides of the store to allow free circulation of air. 

3. Compact Potting Space/Bench

You won’t go wrong by investing in a well-designed and compact potting bench or space. If you like to mess around with your plants, a potting space in your garden is a great solution to minimise mess and maximise organisation. You will have enough space to keep empty pots, bags of compost, packets of seeds, and potting up seedlings. Include a lower shelf for storing different items you don’t need each day.

Garden Storage2

4. Opt for the Best Hanging Storage Solutions In Your Shed

The top benefit of garden shed storage is that it leaves the garden free from any clutter. You will get a chance to free up space in the garden and keep everything close for easy access with a garden shed. In your shed, utilide every inch of the shed walls by hanging tools on racks or hooks. 

Use a hanging organiser to store different gardening tools, cleaning supplies, accessories such as clippers, twine, or gloves. Keep the items labelled and sorted with easy to comprehend stickers.

5. Build a Garden Table with Storage

A garden is a perfect area to relax and enjoy the weather. And if you fancy sipping your hot coffee outdoors, or barbecues with the family, you can feature a garden table with storage. Upcycle old furniture and design an eye-catching table with shelves as well as seating storage.  

Use this space to store all essentials in one place, without compromising style. Alternatively, if you do not fancy having a go at building your own garden table with storage, you can opt to purchase one. Many rattan garden sets now incorporate storage into the tables and chairs.

To Sum Up

When looking for garden storage ideas, do not limit yourself to the above-mentioned tips. You can as well opt for other clever ideas like concealing garbage bins, tidying up garden tools, or pile up storage baskets and crates. If you find this wonderful garden storage ideas daunting to DIY, fret not. You can still invest in a sizeable garden shed which has everything you need. However, figure out what you will be storing in the shed, get the size right, and decide where to keep it in your yard.  

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