5 Fall Kitchen Ideas To Spruce Up Your Kitchen

If you’ve been aching to add something new and bold to your kitchen, the fall season is the perfect time to do so. Adding a few bold pieces of cookware is just the right kind of spice you need to spruce up your kitchen. Cookware trends keep changing, and if you’re someone who loves to spend time rustling up great dishes for your family, these five fall kitchen ideas are just what you need. 

1. Flame Dutch Oven

If you don’t have a Dutch oven in your kitchen, you are missing out on the joys of cooking in this fabulous piece of cookware. It is going to be your trusted aide for cooking everything, right from braised short ribs and lamb bolognese to mac n cheese. Once you start to use a Dutch oven, you’d never want to cook these dishes in any other cookware. It is one of the most versatile pieces in a kitchen and is sure to stand out. You can use them on the stovetop or the oven for all your one-pot meals, and they look so gorgeous that they can go right from the stovetop to your table. 

2. A fall basket centerpiece

Now that you have a Dutch oven, wouldn’t you want to call your buddies over for a roast lunch? When you plan your table layout for a meal, what would look perfect in the crisp fall weather is a basket centerpiece to give your hearth a cozy feel. You could pick a few wildflowers from your garden and decorate a wicker basket or use tiny pumpkins and dried autumn leaves with their fiery orange hues to fill up a tiny wooden bucket as the centerpiece. Not a fan of rustic decor? Go classy with a deep glass bowl, some scented candles and dried acorns to add a warm note.

3. Kettles


What good is a kitchen if there ain’t a kettle spewing on the stove after a good meal? Whether you love coffee or are a fan of tea, a kettle will give your kitchen that homely feel you see in home decor magazines. A classic whistling kettle would make you want to settle down in a cozy nook of your house, with a good book in hand and a steaming cuppa giving you perfect company. What’s more, hot water for your oatmeal and pasta is going to be ready in a jiffy with the kettle. If you are one of those people who start their mornings with a good cup of tea or coffee, a kettle is what your kitchen needs this fall.

4. Trivets

Trivets not only protect your tables from bearing the brunt of scratches from heavy dishes but also keep your serving bowls from playing carousel on the table. You can buy a set of trivets that go with the serving ware you use often. Trivets come in several shapes, colors and designs that can be matched with your table settings. Silicone, cork, wood, and cast iron are a few of the materials your can select from while buying a trivet. A cast iron trivet keeps your table linens and wooden surfaces safe from heat, adding to the elegance of your countertop or table setting. For large pieces of cookware, you can buy elongated oval-shaped trivets to give good support to your dishes. 

5. Cutting Board


Although it may look like a simple cooking aide, the cutting board can help elevate the look of your kitchen in so many ways. When you’re done using it to chop your veggies, clean it up well and use it to display classic fall decor like tiny pumpkins and pinecones. You can also add a few apples, a book, and candles. A few blooms and some greens plucked from your garden displayed in a water jug can take up the rustic fall look a few notches higher. Wheat and wild berries also make for a good decor item that can be displayed on the chopping board. If nothing else, you can simply hang a printed wooden cutting board on a wall in your breakfast nook. 

While these cookware additions will add the fall charm to your kitchen you can accentuate the look further by adding some fall print linen such as table runners, kitchen towels, and napkins. These will add the seasonal color pop to your kitchen and bring out the beauty of your bold cookware. So, add a quirky printed sign on a wood board and you are fall-ready with a kitchen as bold as your cooking style!

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