4 Appliances That Can Speed Up Household Chores

Household chores can be extremely time-consuming and exhausting especially when they are done alongside full time jobs. They require a great deal of manual labour, co-ordination as well as time. While technology is progressing and the online world has become more accessible and efficient, you can now speed up your household chores and make them cost-efficient with technology and the internet. Here are a few appliances that can help you speed up your household chores:

Get a Dishwasher

Get a Dishwasher

Doing the dishes after a long day of work can be exhausting and mind boggling. Getting a dishwasher is a one-time investment which solves your problem of dirty dishes. Although a dishwasher may cost around Rs.10,000 or more, it is a long lasting appliance which helps you save time and effort. Buying one during festive sales is a smart option. With a dishwasher, all you need to do is throw in your utensils, add water and soap. The machine will work its way towards clean utensils.

Rent a washing machine

If you live in a rented apartment, buying heavy appliances may prove to be cumbersome during shifting. However, renting appliances like washing machines are not only cost-effective but will save you the cost of moving it. Washing machines save humans a lot of time and effort. Hand washing clothes after a tiring day of work is not feasible and leads to the piling up dirty laundry which is unhygienic.

Moreover, laundry services, though convenient, prove to be very expensive in the long run. You can now rent a washing machine for less than Rs.500 a month. Rent a washing machine with a dryer so that your clothes will dry faster and save you the task of drying the same batch of clothes multiple times during the rainy season.

Get a Water Purifier on Rent

Get a Water Purifier on Rent
Buying water cans every week or so in not only costly but also time consuming. Constantly changing the water can or co-ordinating with your water can supplier can be exhausting and time consuming. Buying a water purifier can be expensive as they cost up to Rs.10,000 or more, depending on the model. An easier solution would be to get a water purifier on rent from a local online website for less than Rs.400 a month. Water purifiers are safer than water cans. Moreover, you will never run out of clean drinking water if you rent a water purifier.

Buy or Rent a Microwave

For those who cook once every two days or once a day, microwaves are the perfect solution for hot and fresh meals. They save you the time of physically heating the cooked food and sometimes, even the time of cooking fresh food because nowadays, a lot of meals can be cooked with just a microwave in less than 10 minutes. You can buy a microwave for about Rs.4,000-Rs.5,000 or rent one for less than Rs.500 a month.

These appliances are cost effective and help you get through your household chores with time to spare.

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