Keeping Your Kid Safe Online

3 Ways of Keeping Your Kid Safe Online

Nowadays, Kids have greater access to the internet. They browse online and join social networking sites without their parent’s knowledge. This way, they chat, surf, and meet people from anywhere in the world over the internet. With the many risks lurking online, parents need to understand how to protect their kids. Luckily, there are various internet safety tips for parents.
Below are simple ways of ensuring your kid’s online safety:

1. Check the kid’s profile

Most kids have different online profiles; as a parent, you need to have one or two profiles as well. This way, it will be simpler to find out what your kid does online. More so, some kids don’t require phones, so, restrict their use of gadgets with internet or even sell them. If wondering wheather there are places you can sell your phone online, just search “sell my phone online.” You will be surprised at how many websites you will get.

2. Customize the kid’s profile

Customize the kid’s profile

Understand why your child has a profile on a particular site. This way, you can assist them in achieving their goals on the site. For example, if your kid joined the site to promote their school choir, show them information which they shouldn’t give out, this will safeguard them from identity theft and ensure their online safety.

3. Clarify the risks

By teaching online safety to kids, you make more responsible for what they do online. Let them know that any pictures they share online remain there always, and this can significantly affect them in future. Also, educate them on the dangers of some online apps and why they expose them to online threats.


Kids are exposed to many risks online. Therefore, all parents need to enhance their kids’ online safety, and this can only be possible if the parent guides the kid on the many online risks.

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