11 Essentials For Your Spring Maintenance Checklist

Spring comes at the end of winter and before summer, so it is time for you to launch a thorough inspection in your new condo. Repair damages done by the winter storms and replace unrepairable appliances with new ones. Some of the maintenance may be complicated where you will need the help of professionals and there are some simple tasks you can do yourself.

1. RE-PAINTING THE EXTERIOR: After winter, walk around the surroundings of your condo to check for places that need painting, the former paints may have peeled off or the colour changes. Check the paints of your fences, front door , the door of your basement(if you have), terrace. Oil or acrylic latex painting is best done in lower temperature most especially night time.

2. DOORS AND WINDOWS: Most materials made of wood especially doors, wooden window frames, kitchen cabinet doors need to be checked for any sign of rotting. The area rotting should be scraped off and filled with polyester fillers. The hinges of the doors, cabinets and wardrobes should be oiled and lubricated to prevent unwanted sounds. Open and close the windows for stiffness, clean the surfaces for clear view. Examine the outer frames of the doors and windows to see if they are well caused to prevent air and water infiltration.

3. CHECK GUTTERS AND DOWNSPOUT: Gutters and downspouts are often blocked by ice or debris which can cause damage. Search for leaks, or any sections that have become loose or missing from the roof, also look for accumulation of water. Clean the gutter by removing the debris and washing it with soap and water. Use garden hose to see if all downspouts are working because if the extension is leaking or detached, the water from the roof of your condo will seep into the ground causing leaks in the basement.

4. CHECK THE VENTILATION SYSTEMS: Inspect your ventilation system such as your air vents, heat recovery ventilator, air conditioners for damages or blockage since it is used rigorously during winter. When checking the heat recovery ventilator, consult the manufacturer’s manual on how to clean the core of the air exchanger. Vacuum the filter and core, then wash with little amount of soap and water to reduce dust accumulation. If you are unable to do this, hire a cleaning company so that a technician can do the inspection and repair if damaged. Also ensure that the air vents are not blocked by dirty and clean up the fan blades.
5. INSPECT ROOF AND WALLS: Be careful when launching the inspection of the roof of your condo as there may be holes or cracks on it, but try to repair the holes and cracks to prevent leaking also examine the surface of the roof near the vents, chimneys (if you own), pipes and cables. Look for holes and cracks on walls especially near the window frame since some small insects may reside in it, caulk the plumbing, air outlet, furnace and power lines to prevents rodents.

6. GARDENING: Launch spring maintenance of your landscape, fertile the young trees since most of the nutrients in the soil would have depleted, to maintain a rich lawn, fertilize the grass before the start of summer and sow in bare areas. When preparing for gardening it is essential to make sure your garden tools are sharp by sharpening the edges of the blunt blade. It is advisable to be careful when filing the tools to prevent permanent damage. Also lubricate the lawn mower to prevent stiffness, rusting and for easy use.

7. CHECK FOR MOISTURE : When moist air come in contact with a cold surface, it condenses. Moist air can damage your condo and it can also cause cold. Ensure your basement is dry by making sure the slope of your landscape, entrance and sidewalk keeps water away from your condo. To avoid moisture problem it essential for you to have good ventilation in the kitchen and bathroom, good air circulation and maintaining good temperature.

8. CHECK DETECTORS, ALARMS AND THERMOSTATS: Launch a thorough check of your smoke detectors, fire alarms, thermostats, carbon monoxide detector by replacing the old batteries with new ones. Test the smoke detector and fire alarm by lightning a small fire near the detector, if is working well just change the battery to new ones and if it is not working, replace it and remember to tape the date of installation inside the lid cover at the side.

9. CLEAR PATHWAYS AND DRIVEWAYS: During winter the pathways and driveways are filled with snow, to enable easy passage and prevention of injury clear the pathway by shovelling the snow at the entrance to the sides. Some cracks may appear in the driveway, clear the dirty in the cracks before patching it, to prevent accidents and expansion.
10. SORT WARDROBES AND CLEAR UP THE ATTIC: Arrange your clothes, get rid of unwanted clothes and clothes you will not wear in the next few months. Take stocks of things that are going to be given to charities, since charitable things include clothes, bags, shoes, old guitars, computers and some kitchen appliances you no longer use or need. Inspect and clean your attic in tolerable temperature in late winter or early spring, look for damages such as leaks caused by ice build-up and insulation losses.

11. FOUNDATIONS,DRAINS AND DECK: Launch a thorough check of the foundation of your condo to ensure that it won’t collapse during unexpected earthquake, if the foundation is weakened hire a contractor to help rebuild it. It is essential to ensure that you drainage system is not clogged, to prevent flooding remove all the dirty or debris near the drainage system. Pick up and rake leaves on the lawn away from the walls of your condo to prevent nest of any kind. Ensure that the poles holding your deck is strong and not in any way damaged, replace dislocated connections, remove and replace loose flags, remove old and rusted nails and replace with new ones, look for loose and rotten post, check for weak post connections, replace missing flasher lodging.

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